Full for the 2017 show!

Vendor                                                  Bldg/Loc
Joseph Antal                                       11/19-20-21
DJ International, Inc.                   
Aussie Wool, Silk Yarn, Ribbon, Novelty Yarn, Knitting Tools & Accessories, Beaded Purses, Jewelry

Joan Arnold                                        39/11                                                         New Vendor
Joan Arnold Artist                        
Watercolors, offset Lithographs prints of sheep and cards

Bobbie Aspacher                               13/7-8
Behind The Pines                                    email:
Handpainted Yarn, Beaded Stitch Markers, Project Bags & Totes, Wood Swifts & Ball Holders

Kimber Baldwin                               4-H
Fiber Optics Yarns                        
Hand Dyed yarn and Spinning Fibers Using Novel Chemical Techniques

Lis Barsuglia-Madison                  13/11-12
All Kinds of Yarns and Finished Items; Hats, Mittens, Scarves, Sweaters and Handwoven

Pam Bates                                          4-H
Sheepish Creations                       
Handmade Custom Drop Spindles, Hand Dyed Rovings, Custom Art Yarn Kits, Dyes & Yarn

Linda Bauer                                      13/6-7
Bauer Family Farm                     
Handcrafted Warping Boards & Lazy Kates, Wheel Hooks, Hand dyed Roving, Patterns, Woven Scarves

Sue Baughman                                 39/7-8
White Creek Wool                                 email:
Romney & Romney Blend Roving, Handspun Yarn, Finished Goods, Spinning Products

Michael Bennett                              Grandstand
Cottage Alpaca Creations, LLC
Raw Wool, Carded Spinning fibers, specialty Silks from India, finished wool goods

Donna Berbig                                   11/36
Berbig’s Woods Llamas             
Embroidered Potholders, Llama Fleece, Roving &Yarn, Spindles, Needle Felted Sheep, Llama & Angora Rabbits

Linda A M Bertanzetti                 Grandstand
L.A.M.B. Handwoven Rugs                email:
Handwoven Rugs, Runners & Wallhangings, Fiber Related Items – Spools, Shuttles & Looms

Anne Bisdorf                                    39/5
Wool “n” Wood                                      email:

Edie Bowles                                      13/19-20
Spinning Moon Farm                
Roving Blends, Combed Top, Handwoven Items, Yarn, Felted Items

Sara Box                                           Grandstand
Bitter Buffalo Fiberworks        
Art Batts, Fiber Jewelry, Handspun Yarn, DIY Dyeing With Kids Kits, Card Your Own Batt Table

Connie Bradley                              13/33                                                   New Vendor
Wool Yankers                                       e-mail:
Rug hooking kits, hand dyed wool, patterns, wool applique kits, punch needle and needle felting

Anne Brown                                     11/14-15
Promised Land & Livestock Co          email:
Raw & Clean Wool – Bluefaced Leicester & Lincoln, White and Natural Colored, Plants for Dying Wool

Gwen Brown                                    39/2
Gwen Erin Natural Fibers        
Handspun/Dyed Yarns, Hand Dyed Top, Roving, & Locks

Danna Bruger                               Grandstand                                           New Vendor
Icemelon’s Stash                     
Hand dyed yarns and fiber, knitting accessories

Barb & Joe Callahan                    4-H
Barbs Originals                         
Small Handmade Weaving Looms, Weaving and Garment Patterns, Scissor Sharpening While You Wait

Holly Carter                                    39/12-13
Dusty Rose                                           NO EMAIL OR WEB SITE(see below)
Sheep Wool Fleece- Raw & Washed, Yarn and Finished Items -Scarves, Shawls, Jewelry

Craig Castro                                 Outside
Vineyard at Porter Central   
Shetland wool, Fleeces, roving, wool items

J C Christensen                             13/25-26-27
Morning Star Fiber                   
Fiber Processing, Felting Kits, Weaving Supplies, Felted Rugs, Roving, Yarn

Michele Clawson                              Outside                                     New Vendor
High Hill Gotlands                       
Gotland Sheep on Display

Debra Cline                                    39/2-2A
Maple Row Stock & Wool                 email:
Pack Baskets, Roving, Books & Mugs

Cheryl Cole                                    4-H
Say It With Sheep                              email:
Sheep Cards and Hand Made Sheep Items

Janice Cox                                     39/3-3A
The Village Weaver                          email:
Sheep Design Wool Sweaters, Scarves, Mittens, Socks, Felted Slippers, Bags, Ceramic Buttons & Pottery

Nancy Davenport                      11/27
Yarn & Bed Shop                 
Yarn, Knitting/Crochet techniques & patterns book, Knitting/Crochet accessories

Chuck & Jackie Deems           11/38-39
Amazing Grace Farm           
Shepherdess Natural Bath & Body Products, Hand Dyed Wool Yarn, Sheep Fleeces & Roving

Bonnie DeMoss                         39/30
Catalynje Buffalo Fiber Co. 
Buffalo Fiber Roving, Hand Spun & Factory Spun Yarn, Knitted Items, Buffie “E” Spinner & Electric Spinner

Kathy Disantis                           39/10
Ewe & I Originals                  
Original Knitting & Crochet Patterns, Yarn and Knitting Accessories

Elisabeth Drumm                     4-H
Wolle’s Yarn Creations         
Color Changing Cotton Yarns

Molly Dybiec                                4-H
Morning Meadows Sundries          email:
Wool/Mohair Roving, Sock Bags, Knitting Bags, HA Yarn, Soap, Lotion

Sid Ferguson                                Outside
BluMoon Valley Alpacas                  email:
Alpacas, alpaca fiber, roving and yarn

Melanie El-Farouki                  Grandstand
Mel’s Pot Shop                        
Handmade Functional Pottery; Mugs, Berry Bowls, Honey Pots, Yarn Bowls & Needle Vases

Amy Francisco                          13/24                                                            New Vendor
Jehovah Jireh Woolmill   
Alpaca wool, wool blends, artsian hand made prefelts, handspun yarns, Africian baskets, Ecuadorian tagua jewelry, buttons, hand felting supplies

Laura Fulkert                            11/16-17
Prairie House Fibers           
Natural Fibers, Roving, Dyed Fiber Locks, Hand Turned Wooden Yarn Bowls, Wooden Fiber Tools

Barb Gallagher                         11/40-41-42
Weavers Loft                         
Hand Dyed Yarns, Eco Friendly Yarns, Jaggerspun, Bamboo, Weaving & Spinning Supplies, Books

Dianne Ganslein                      Outside
Ohio Valley Natural Fibers
Roving, Yarns, Knitting/Spinning Supplies

Terry Godfrey                           Outside
Eldorado Farms                   
Finn Sheep Products, Wool, Yarn & Lambs

Kenneth Grimes                      11/47-48
Ewenique Fibers                 
Lincoln, Border Leicester, & Blue Faced Leicester Fleeces, Rovings & Yarn, Finished Products, Drop Spindles

Constance Hall                       11/27-28
Fiber – Equipment

Shirley Hamler                       39/34-35
Fourwinds Weaving                    email:
Handwoven Scarves & Shawls, Silk Hand-Dyed Scarves, Support Spindles, Silk, Alpaca and Wool Fibers

Ann Hanson                            Outside
Bare Naked Wools              
Undyed, American – Made Yarns and Knitting Patterns

Catherine Harrison               39/31-32-33
Knitting Notions                
Hand-Dyed Natural Fiber Yarns; Merino & Organic Cotton, Handcrafted Fiber Tools

Mindy Hook                            39/28-29
Puff the Magic Rabbit
Hand Dyed Yarns – Brushed & Boucle Mohair, Sock Yarn, Rovings With Mohair and Rabbit

Roger & Kay Jenney             Outside
Winsome Alpacas                         email:
Alpaca Fiber, Alpaca Firgurines & Alpaca Breeding & Sales

Chuck Jones                            Grandstand                                       New Vendor
Egill”s Woodstuffs                      email:
Weaving Looms, Kumihimo Equipment, Fiber Equipment, Yarns

Diane Jezewski                      Grandstand
Spinning Fibers,Yarn, Notions, Patterns

Beth Karr                                  11/3-4
Roving Acres Farm            
Yarn Rovings & Batts from Sheep, Alpaca & Angora Goats, Hand Dyed Yarn and Rovings, Knit & Dye Kits

Jennifer Kemery                    11/31-32
Turtle Made                        
Handmade Stitch Markers, Soap, Hand Dyed Yarn, Batts

Beth Kindle                             11/46                                             New Vendor
handmade bowls from recycled materials

Deb King                                   4-H
Annadele Alpacas              
Alpaca Yarns, Hand Dyed, Blends With Silk & Nylon, Specialize in Lace, Also Finished Items

Lee Ann King                           13/22-23
Midwest Fiber Company  
Designer Yarn & Roving From Local Raised Llama & Alpacas, Felt Blanks, Patterns & Kits

Maureen Kneisel                    39/24-25
Keep Stampin/Twisted Stitches      email:
Raw Mohair & Llama Fibers

Carol Korba                             11/18
Si Suri Alpacas                             email:
Alpaca Yarn, Rovings, Raw Fiber, Alpaca Bird Nesters, Felted Soaps, & Socks

Karen Krenzel                       4-H
Silver Creek Meadows     
Raw Mohair & Llama Fibers

Kathy Krisher                        39/17-18
Dream Weaver Fiber Arts
Wool Roving, Felting Supplies & Fiber Books

Carol Larsen                           11/30
River’s Edge Fiber Arts    
Schacht & Komshi Dealer, Hand-Dyed Fibers & Yarns, Ready to Dye Fibers & Yarn, Handmade Buttons

Margaret Ledrich                 39/21
The Rouge Lucette            
Lucet Wooden Tools for Cord Weaving, Books, Yarns, Threads, Ball Winders

Linda Listing                          4-H
Ursula’s Alcove                  
Fleece, Yarn, Books, Patterns, Drop Spindles, Small Weaving Looms, Fiber Arts Accessories

Robert Loconsole                 11/43-44
Buckeye Knits & Crafts              email:
Hand Cranked Wool Socks, Felted Hats/Mittens, Afghans, Baby Blankets

Sandra Long                            13/15-16
The Woolroom @ Longmeadow Farm          email:
Batts & Roving, Custom Handdyed Merino Yarn, Handmade Buttons & Shawl Pins, Pottery Yarn Bowls

Kelly Machardo                      39/19-20
Knitting On The Fringe    
Hand Dyed Yarn & Roving, Knitting Notions, Patterns, Nuno Felting

Christy MacIntyre-Ball       39/23
Per Ardua Farm                          email:
Romney Wool Roving, Batts, Wool Yarn, Needle Felting Supplies, Finished Goods

Fred Maier 11/37
Paradaze                                   NO EMAIL OR WEB SITE(see below)

Amy Manko                             11/5-6
The Ross Farm                  
Yarn, Roving, Batts & Needlefelting Supplies, Schacht Wheels

Pamela Manthei                    11/7-8
Fiskur Leather                   
Wool Yarn Imported from Iceland, Fish Leather from Salmon, Cod, Perch, Buttons & Fashion Accessories

Simona Marian-Maloney   11/33-34
Recycled Yarn Company           email:
Recycled Fine Yarns, Cashmere, Merino Wool, Silk, & Shawl Pins

Susan Markle                         4-H
The Trading Post for Fiber Arts
Spinning Wheels: Schacht & Majacraft, Fiber Magazines, Books, Soap

Joe & Reba Matern             11/9-10
Storybook Alpacas           
Unique Specialty Alpaca Yarn, Roving & Blending Fibers and Finished Alpaca Products

Jenna Meyer                         Outside
Knit Buffalo LLC              
Mobile Yarn Store – Indie Dyed Yarn, Fiber & Notions

Mid-States Wool Growers    13/39-40
Livestock Supplies, Medications, etc.

Nancy Page                              39/26-27
Nana’s Spinning Wheel   
Roving, Felted Items, Weavings, Yarn, Items Crafted from Fiber or Fiber Related

Kathleen Pascuzzi                39/1-1A
ModeKnit Yarn LLC         
Hand-Dyed Wool Yarn & Wool Blend Yarn, Hand-Dyed Linen Yarn, Books, Patterns, Garment Kits

Julie Petty                               13/9-10
Alpaca Meadows              
Alpaca and Suri Yarn, Rovings, Hand-Crocheted Alpaca Rugs, Felted Pins, Head Bands, Scarves & Purses

Susan Preuss                         11/22-23
Basket Artistry by Susan Preuss
Handwoven Baskets for Fiber Artists-Knitting Baskets, Spinning Wheel Baskets, Shuttle Holders

Terri Prosise                         Outside                                   New Vendor
Spotted Sheep Farm                 email:
Icelandic raw fleeces, roving, lambskins, soap, fleece sorting tables, misc.

Benjamin Randolph             11/11                                         New Vendor
Touch of Color Fiber Studio, LLC                      email:
Spinning Wheels Unicorn Wool washed, Hand Combed Top, and Batts, washed and raw wool, hand dyed roving, cotton and cotton spindles.

Tammy Richards                   13/4                                      New Vendor
Hummingbird Fibers                 email:
Hand dyed rovings, top, yarn & fleeces

Robin Richey                        Outside                                    New Vendor
Yarnbyrds, LLC          
Commercial yarns, dyed yarns, needle notions, patterns, shawl pins, soaps

Lisa Rodenfels                     39/5A
Somerhill Farm              
Bluefaced Liechester Roving, Yarn, Locks, Fleeces, Angora Handspun Yarn

Chris Rosen                          13/17-18
Briar Rose Fibers           
Hand Painted Yarn, Wool & Wool Blends, Patterns, Handmade Buttons

Ed Rowe                                13/29-30
Ed the Wheel Healer               email:
Spinning & Weaving Accessories

Mary & Gary Scott            13/34-35-36
Serendipity Farm & Studio
Wheels, Looms, Books, Wool Roving & Yarns, Spinning & Weaving Tools

Holly Shelly                         39/4-4A
Windy Hollow Farms – The 2 Ewes      email:
Hand painted gourds, yarn, needle felted items, hand made wool swifts, glass

David R. Shepherd            Grandstand
Shepherd’s Custom Woodworking
Hand Turned Wooden Crochet Hooks and Knitting Needles, Wooden Yarn Bowls, Wooden Drop Spindles

Susie Simmons                      11/35                                  NEW VENDOR
Basket Treasures                      email:
Rug hooking Supplies, hand dyed wool, dyeing supplies, chunky yarns, wool appliques, rustic wool threads

Tamie Simpson                   4-H
Small and Beautiful Beads
Kazuri Buttons & Beads, Swazi Buttons & Beads, Shawl Pins

Susan Sivey                          11/25-26
Noah’s Landing             
Luxury Yarns, Silk, Cashmere, Alpaca, Hand Dyed & Lace Yarns, Beads, & Patterns

Linda Slicker                       4-H
Alpaca Serenades           
Peg Loomed Alpaca Rugs, Tri Loom Shawls, Felted Insoles & Cat Toys, Handspun & Woven Accessories

Connie & Denny Snell      Outside
Spring Ridge Alpacas    
Alpacas, Alpaca Fiber, Yarn, Rovings & Rug Bumps, Light Weight Fiber Tumblers & Hanging Hay Racks

Michelle Stead                    Grandstand
Michelle’s Assortments
Handcrafted Wirework Shawl Pins, Self Designed Knitting Patterns, Crochet Patterns

Jeanne Stevenson            Grandstand
Destination Yarn         
Hand Dyed Yarn Inspired by Travel, Knitting Patterns, Knitting Kits Including Patterns

Sue Szary                           Grandstand
Twin Birch Products  
Hand Crafted Birchwood Fiber Arts Tools, Handwoven Fair Trade Baskets, Woven Wearable Art

Martha Tremblay           11/12
Tuft Woolens             
All Natural Wash Made With Lanolin, Knitters Hand Balm, Matted Black & White Fine Art Sheep Photography

Anne Tullett                     39/8-9
Luxury Natural Fibers       email:
Angora Blend Rovings & Batts, Ashford Dealer

Marianne Turcheck      13/1-2
Rostraver Farm         
Sheep Charms, Jewelry, Scarfs, Clay pins, Sheep skins rugs, Fleeces, and Needle Felting Supplies

Carol & Paul Wagner     13/37-38
Hidden Valley Farm Alpacas
Fleeces, Roving, Batts, Yarn, Dyes, Equipment, SheepSkins.

Diane Watson                    11/45
Sweet Heart Suri Alpacas
Alpaca & Silk Clothing, Alpaca Roving, Felt & Yarn

Larry & Ann Weaver      Outside
Mohawk Valley Farm Alpacas
Alpacas, Raw Fiber & Rugs

Lynda West                        13/3
Ten Mile Fiber Mill    
Yarn, Povibg, Art Batts, Kits, Scarves, Headbands, Vests, Shawl Pins, Stitch Markers, Needle Cases

Jennifer Williams           13/28
The Traveling Yarn Shop
Affordable, Quality Yarns From Small Companies and Indie Dyes

Kathy Zeilinger                11/1/2
Zeilinger Wool Co.
Wool Batts, Rovings, Yarns, Misc.

Melinda Zikursh             13/13-14
Midgard Farms           
Louet Products, Hand Turned Spindles & Crochet Hooks, Alpaca Batts, Dyed Fiber, Angora Rabbit Wool


The following vendors do not have web sites or email addresses:

Holly Carter                      39/12-13
Dusty Rose                             330-627-7540
Sheep Wool Fleece- Raw & Washed, Yarn and Finished Items -Scarves, Shawls, Jewelry

Fred Maier                        11/37
Paradaze                                330-931-5068
Shetland Fleeces, Lambskins, Skirting Tables, Wooden Boxes