Garment Competition (NEW)

Garment Competition (NEW)

Knitted Garment Competition


 Please read all requirements.




  1. All entries must have been completed since June 1, 2016 and be clean, odor-free and in good condition.
  2. An entry will only be accepted in one class. No more than 2 entries per class will be accepted from an individual.
  3. All entries must be at least 50% wool from a sheep, except in the Knitter’s Choice category.
  4. Categories are:

K1 – Sweaters and Vests

K2 – Shawls

K3 – Accessories – hats, mittens, scarves, cowls, leggings, etc.

K4 – Socks and slippers

K5 – Garments for babies and children

K6 – Knitters Choice for non-wool knitted garments and/or garment category not listed.

  1. Entry Fee: $3.00 per item.
  2. All entries must include:
  • A completed Entry Form. Multiple entries from an individual should be on one Entry Form.
  • A 3 x 5 card with each entry with the following:

o   The class number and Name

o   Fiber content, including breed of sheep if known

o   Pattern – optional

  1. Entries will be accepted on Saturday, May 27, 2017, from 8:30 am until 11 am. Late entries will not be accepted.
  2. Judging will take place Saturday at 1 pm.
  3. Prizes for each category are as follows:
  • First place $7.00
  • Second place $4.00
  • Third place $3.00
  • Best of Show from all First Place winners.
  1. Entries to be picked up Sunday between 2-4 pm. Please show photo ID.


Great Lakes Fiber Show will NOT be responsible for loss or damage.  A responsible person will be attending the garments during show hours and the building will be locked at night.


Attached you will find the Entry Form that can be filled out and brought to the show on the day the entries are accepted.  Click here

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