Warping with New Eyes (Saturday 9-4)

Warping with New Eyes (Saturday 9-4)

By Joan Sheridan
Workshop Fee: $75

Skill Level: Must have experience on multi-shaft loom.

Whether you just learned to weave or you’ve been weaving for 40 years, you just might find that this class changes your weaving life. You will learn to warp using fewer steps. more ergonomically, and with reduced errors all by yourself. We will cover using a warping mill, warping paddle, trapeze, winding a warp to a sectional beam without using a tension box, winding a bobbin. One loom will be dressed completely so you will get the opportunity to try some of the shuttle management techniques that help get better selvedges.

Material Fee:
$10 includes handout and a digital counter. 

Supplies:  None, however you may bring a camera.

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