Located under the Grandstand

Details on categories and rules —


1.    A maximum of two entries per class will be accepted from each entrant.

2.    Skeins should have been spun after June 1 of the previous year.

3.    Each skein must be a minimum of one yard in circumference and tied loosely in two places in a  figure eight.

4.    Each skein should weigh a minimum of two ounces for medium and bulky; and one ounce for fine.

5.    No commercial yarn except for Category D.

6.    On grounds entries will be accepted Saturday, 10-11 am.

7.    Entry fee: $2.00/skein. Entry forms, one for each skein, are to be filled out prior to registration.

8.    Judging will take place Saturday at Noon.

9.    Skein release is Sunday is between 2-4 pm on Sunday.  See Committee member for release of skein(s).



Category A: Singles not plied at least 50% Sheep Wool. List fibers on entry.

Class F: fine    Class M: medium    Class B: bulky

Category B: Spun and plied traditional yarn (2 ply or more) at least 50% Sheep Wool. List Fibers on entry.

Class F: fine plied   Class M: medium plied   Class B: bulky plied

Category C: Spinners choice of fiber and ply. List fibers on entry.

Category D: Novelty yarn: boucle, knot, spiral, slub, cable; spinner choice. A commercial yarn with a handspun yarn may be used for this class. Identify the commercial on entry.

Category E: Novice spinner: spinning one year or less: single or plied, at least 50% Sheep Wool.

To help determine which class of fine, medium, or bulky your skein belongs, a yarn sample chart will be available at check-in.

HINT FOR ENTERING SKEIN: Spin fiber, wash skein, after drying RE-SKEIN yarn and tie LOOSELY in figure eight in two places. Do NOT wind into a tight skein prior to entering.

Cash will be awarded in each class as follows: First place: $7.00; Second place; $4.00; Third place $3.00. Ribbons will be awarded in one through fourth place.

Skeins may be picked up on Sunday beginning at 2 pm and must be picked up no later than 4 pm. If you would like you skein returned by mail, please supply a pre-paid envelope when entering.

Great Lakes Fiber Show will NOT be responsible for loss or damage. A responsible person will be attending to skein tables during show hours and the building will be locked at night.

To download entry form, click here.

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