Sheep Wool Fleece Show & Sale

Sheep Wool Fleece Show & Sale


Located under the Grandstand

Judging time for the Open Show has been changed. The open show judging will be at 6 pm on Friday. These fleeces must be checked in between 2 pm & 6 pm on Friday.

The Border Leicester fleece classes have not changed.  Border Leicester classes will still be judged at 9:30 Saturday morning. They can be checked in on Friday or Saturday before 9:15am.

Sale Only Fleeces can be checked in on Friday or before 9:15 am Saturday

Border Leicester fleece sale will begin ½ hour after judging  ends

All other Fleece sales begin 10 am Saturday


Method of handling fleeces available to producer:

1.        Fleeces entered in competition only (Show Only)

2.        Fleece entered in competition and consigned for sale (Show & Sale)

3.        Fleeces consigned for sale only (Sale Only)

Please designate on entry form

The committee reserves the right to reject any fleeces not meeting standards (e.g., excessive dirt or VM, cotted, wet or moldy fleeces, fleeces with active lice, excessively short fleeces., etc.)

All fleeces are to be brought to the Fleece Show area under the Grandstand. One entry form must be completed per exhibitor. Fleeces will not be weighed.  A fleece that is NOT FOR SALE must be so marked. Checks from sales of fleeces and premium money will be mailed to exhibitors. All unsold and not-for-sale fleeces will be released at 2 pm on Sunday and must be removed by 4 pm.  Any unclaimed fleeces will be disposed of at the discretion of the committee.

Every effort will be made to display and care for entered fleeces, but we assume no responsibility for damaged, lost, stolen or erroneously sold fleeces.

The entry fee is $3.00 per fleece. The pre-registration form, found in the middle of the booklet or on the website, must be received before May 10.  Late entry fee is $7.00 per fleece.  There will be a 10% sale commission charged on sold fleeces.

All fleeces must be from the current wool crop. Each fleece must be clean and free of chaff, burrs, tags and second cuts.  They must be skirted and in a clear plastic, untied bag. It is the responsibility of the exhibitor to enter fleeces in the proper classes.

Judging criteria will be based on suitability for spinning. The judge may choose not to award any premium based on the quality of the submission. The judge will not move fleeces to different classes.


DIVISION I White Fleeces   DIVISION 2 Natural Colored

CLASSES: F-fine; M-medium; C-coarse; D-double coated; E-Longwool(Open Show Only)

Premiums, each class: 1st- $6   2nd – $4   3rd- $2

Ribbons will be awarded for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in each of the above categories. All first-place winners will be judged against each other for BEST OF SHOW.

Special:  DIVISION 3 White Border Leicester   DIVISION 4 NC Border Leicester

CLASSES: R-ram   E-ewe

This is an added show for Border Leicester fleeces only. Premiums paid by the association.

To download entry form  Click Here

Several Fiber Processors will be available to take fleeces back to their mills for processing.

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